Within a country where bloodshed and war has not ceased for centuries some of the greatest victims are Afghanistan's children. With frequent terrorist attacks, children are frequently made into orphans. Girls and women receive no respect and are victims of frequent sexual and physical abuse. In Afghanistan many women would rather be put into prison than stay at home because they feel safer behind bars.

Young girls are often kidnapped and gang raped by grown men. If the young girls get pregnant because of the incident they are often killed for getting pregnant before marriage.

Recently a man broke into a young woman's house and brutally raped her. Because of the Afghan tradition instead of the man being punished or facing consequences, the female victim was forced to marry her attacker! The man was already a husband and a father of 10 but because of their country's culture, the shame fell upon the rape victim and it was here duty to bring peace and mend the situation.

Young teenage girls go through this sick sort of treatment everyday in Afghanistan which is why Abuse Children's Fund has recently started working with projects on the ground to bring hope and restoration to young women and children. By providing them with warm clothing for the winter, education for their future and employment to empower them, Abused Children's Fund is working towards returning the children and young women to their feet.

Please assist us in bringing these terrible crimes to women and children to and end an helping those women and children who have suffered through this horrific sort of lifestyle for years.

THANK YOU for YOUR support.