that one day, in great desperation and need, your parents decided to sell you or a sibling in order to feed and support the rest of the family. Sadly, a young virgin girl is worth three years of an average salary in Cambodia and many times, selling their daughter is the only option the parents feel they can resort to.


instead of being sold, imagine someone you love being kidnapped, but instead of being held for ransom, the innocent victim will be ruthlessly raped by a dozen men on an average "business" day. Escape is grim, the prison these people have constructed is dark and cold, and the outside world is distant and alienated by the victims "dirtiness" after losing their virginity, despite the atrocious circumstances.

Abused Children's Fund is working with groups within Cambodia dedicated to the reintegration and rehabilitation of girls who have been sexually trafficked. With your support we can continue to bring comfort to the women who have been rescued from their treacherous captivity.

Up to 800,000 people
are trafficked
worldwide annually.