We are very grateful to help be the bearers of God’s love and generosity to far and distant countries such as Cambodia. ACF is proud to work with the premier organizational NGO in Cambodia which has attracted a core staff of remarkable professional international talent, dedicated to the very personalized unfolding work of transforming victims of violence and exploitation into fully restored and productive individuals.

Within the complexity of ACF's efforts there remains a fundamental commitment to relationships that transform all involved. For each victim of abuse we help, there can be a journey from brothel to business school, from prison to pastry chef, from the streets to safe homes.

ACF is proud to participate in providing the Phnom Penh community with much more than a Woman's Recovery Center. Our support also goes towards supplying 100 abused children with an aftercare program, another 100 children belong at the Hager Foster home and 70 other children stay at the "House of Smiles" (a combination of care center, orphanage and school), and finally there are over 200 students in their education program.

What we are doing besides the normal?

Abused Children's Fund plans to sponsor unique five-day transformational seminars created particularly for abused and molested children. These five day seminars are designed to incorporate the concepts of trust, leadership, friendship and emphasize the possibility along with the value of choosing whom the "new" children want to be.

For more information about the UCAN seminars, click here.