South Africa

On several occasions Abused Children’s Fund Volunteers have traveled to South Africa in order to indentify new ways of providing for the tens of thousands of Abused Children there. ACF works closely with several other organizations to provide the children with the necessary help they need to grow up in a safe and loving environment.

In 2010 ACF sponsored two UCAN seminars in South Africa to help equip young teenagers with the tools and life lessons needed to become young and responsible adults. Teachers and counselors reported dramatic increases in the children’s grades as a result of the seminars. Family members of the participating children were also astonished to see the lasting effects and transformation in their children!
Most of these children have grown up in townships and have been the victims of both sexual and physical abuse.

For those of whom are not familiar with the living circumstances in South Africa, a “township” is a small square area where hundreds of thousands or even millions of people gather together to create any type of shelter possible. Most of the time these shelters consist of floorless shacks made out of pieces of tin and many times what you or I would consider garbage.

Thank you to all of our ACF donors and team for making a difference in the lives of children in South Africa and around the world!